Monday, February 11, 2008

A change of heart

Branching Out was my first lace project and I loved the challenge and the result! The yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy. Lovely to work as it is soft and just stretchy enough to make the YO's and k2tog easy.

Ravelry has so many beautiful lace shawls. Tempted I was. Yes, that's right - was. The plan was to knit a silk shawl for our trip to the Pacific islands. First start an easy pattern with wool then with that skill level developed, progress to the silk. Time was spent looking, yarn was purchased, stitches were cast on. Fun? not really. Although I felt committed, the yarn was longing to be a lacy sock. So after consideration, I realized that I would wear a sock more often than I would wear a shawl. Yes, there actually is a blue stole in the closet and ok, you're right I hardly wear it. So the fantasy of elegant me drapped in a to die for shawl sipping some cool drink has gone to be replaced by the practical me.
Yep, I'm just fine with that. In fact I can hardly wait to complete the current sock to cast on for Pomatomus. So many sock patterns, so little time.

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