Monday, February 18, 2008

What a wonderful world!

There is joy in blog land! at least in my blog land! Marisol over at : Purls Just Wanna Have Fun posted this:

Now I see, as in get it, the instructions that baffled me for the beginning of Evelyn's Shetland Triangle. Marisol, thank you for your generosity of time and patience to document this tutorial.

Blog land is the greatest! I have to confess to a HUGE list of blogs. (would you believe 272 blogs? mostly knitting. And I keep finding more!) Here's why I love 'em: When the knitting 'tickles' my carpal tunnel, I drop the WIP and jump to the computer for a change of activity. With so many blogs, there is always something interesting to read about a knitter or the knitting project. Can't think of too many better way to rest the ole wrist! (Don't even go there with the housekeeping suggestions!)

Knitting blogs inspire and teach - about knitting and life. I add my prayers and the best wishes for my blog friends when they or theirs are hospitalized, or smile in admiration when they complete a FO. Yarn to drool over turned into fabulous shawls and sweaters and socks - it is all a wonderful world. Knitting blogs dazzle and keep me excited to return to the needles. Mostly I lurk as they don't know me, I may have found them from another blogger's list of favorites. But wonder of wonders if I have commented, by golly, they email back. What a wonderful world, our knitting world!
and the incredible Louis Armstrong singing this classic. (sorry, I wanted that to be the youtube little tv to click on. but my copy just got a link.)

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Marisol said...

You are most welcome! It was great meeting you and your DH today:)