Friday, February 1, 2008

Keepin' the faith

After viewing so many lovely designs and FO's in Ravelry and knit blogs it is all I can do to keep my chin up and be proud of the progress I'm making. Yes, I am proud. I've come a long way in my courage to try new projects. But along with the learning a dis-ease creeps in when I compare my work to some of the master knitters who share through the internet. They have families and jobs and yet they are turning out gorgeous shawls and lacey socks. Where are they finding the time and mental creative go power?

Is knitting just that addictive? Seems to be. Most of my projects are practical and I use every one. At any one time in the winter I'm probably wearing socks and pulsewarmers and possibly a hat - yes inside. We've chosen to keep the furnace off and it gets chilly. Yes. Even. in. California! smile. House has been 59 F today - so not so bad. Opps, how did I wander so far off the topic. Oh yes, coveting those marvelous lace projects.

Ok, self, listen up. They are inspiration and you too can create lacey things. (once you get through the practical stuff, her conscience says chortling under her breath)

So, chin up. Stop blogging and get to knitting.

Ready to close the toe on Darling first son's sock. I hope it fits. Picture as soon as I do.

Well, first I need to pull out some glass canisters to put yarn in and visit a new to me group in Ravelry. All thanks to a new friend across the nation whom I've never seen, but like a lot. To visit her great blog, see:

See how addictive the online knitting community is ! ! ! ! !

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