Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cold and stormy

Yes, that could refer to the weather, but also my nose: I tink I'm combing down wid a code in my nose.

Since today was a Nana and Tutu day i.e. we had our adorable grandson, there hasn't been any knitting yet. So I'll post a picture of something finished in November.

Pattern: Branching Out by Susan Lawrence.
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy in Blue Lagoon
Needles: Addi Lace US #3

A really nice lace pattern. (And Free)

Lace Learning tip # 1. Count the number of stitches you have after every row. You wouldn't believe how easy it is to err with all those YO's.

Here is a copy of a Ravelry message I sent to a new knitting friend in Texas on this project. It is offered for your day's humor:
Ah yes, blocking. I envy you the blocking wires. I've only blocked my Branching out. Primative is all I can say. I pulled out a folded cardboard with grid lines (something I used in the 80's to lay sewing patterns on, found some straight pins, filled up the misting pump thing-y we use for hot weather (REI? WalMart?) and got to work. I sort of pulled it to a width and length that brought the pattern out and got started pinning. First I pinned the left edge then worked my way to the other end. Turns out I had to use every single pin in the house as it needed to be pinned about every 1/2 inch to look straight and not wavy. By the time I finished I had dents in my finger and vowed to invest in some of those cute pins with a flange to hold onto. Then, I turned on the mist thing-y and wet it down. Ok, you've probably already figured out that the cardboard was gonna get wet and smelly and yes it did. And as you know and I was reminded by my stupidity (well haste) wet cardboard takes a long long time to dry. So several days later the Branching out was dry enough to hold it's shape so I released it from the pins. I am pleased with it and DH actually complimented me on it. Which is a rare, rare event. smile.
So, having a good, waterproof surface and good pins are on my list before I try blocking again.

Since I ended this project before it got to be shawl/wrap length, it became the water feature under our Bronze sculpture.

Even Snowy likes it, I think, maybe not since he is lifting his paw up in a tip toe out of here sort of way.

Ok, I'll try to go work on that 2nd sock.


Olga said...

Hi yah! thank you so much for coming by my blog. I love your little poochie there,so cute. And in your last post, I LOVE that sleeping dragon yarn, what a cool color! I'd love to see the socks made from that.

Skylark said...

Woo hoo. Happy to see a comment. As a new blogger you can appreciate that I'm thinking. Thanks.

I'm planning to try the pattern Baby Fern for this yarn. I'm not sure how it will swatch. I have just one pr of 2.5mm needles and they are busy right now. Oh well, best to finish this project before casting on for more. Right?!