Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Where ya headed cowboy?

Blazing Saddles is one of my favorite silly movies. At the end, before they ride off into the sunset, Gene Wilder asks Cleavon Little, "Where ya headed cowboy?" "No where special", replies Cleavon. "I always wanted to go there." is Gene's reply. Well, that's my reply too.

Where ya goin' with that knittin, girl? No where special. You see when I ordered this brown color of Dream in Color, I thought it would be a much softer rosy color. I was dissappointed when I received my skein and the color was more brown. But I really like Dream in Color's Smooshy and my friend recommended it as the next sock yarn.
After a bit of procrastination yesterday, I decided tonight to just sit and start something and see where it headed. Working this yarn is a joy. The color changes are subtle and I'm warming to the shade. I cast on for a sock pattern and decided it was not enough stitches. But the little bit knit looked so nice I decided to keep going and knit it into a pair of pulse warmers. I love these little circles of yarn. When I use my sock yarn leftovers to knit a set, I am bringing some of the sock color up into my line of vision.
Digression on pulsewarmers: I fell in love with knit designs at the Oleana shops in Norway. While purchasing a shawl, I noticed a small basket of loops behind the counter. The shop girl searched for the English words to explain that they insulate the wrist where the blood comes to the surface. She said that wearing them is both a fashion statement and keeps the body warmer. The ones in the shop were merino patterned to match the other clothing available in the shop. And warmer? - its true.
So back to the theme of the night, I knit goin' nowhere special and came up with these! And now I'm ready to cast on my 6th pr o socks feeling much better about the yarn color.

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