Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy Feet

These are happy, warm feet. Yes I finished 3rd pr o' socks today. So Happy Birthday to me. Actually I started the toe decreasing too early on the left sock and planned to frog and add in more rows. But that was before I happened onto a new Ravelry group (and aren't there billions of groups!)

"Into the Labryknit" and spontaneously started their new KAL. Ha ha on me somehow I thought it was going to be a hat. So. . .she thinks. . .why not give it a whirl with the Lorna's Laces leftovers!

Well, after exploring the group comments I have realized it is intended to be a bit larger than hat size. So I'll knit until I run out of this yarn or decide to continue with another bit of stash.

It is a great pattern and this is my first ever KAL. We got the first 24 rows today, and I'm hoping I can keep up. Because from a simple cast on of 8 innocent stitches it has bloomed to 154. Oh, well it is peaceful knitting and may become more of a learning process than a product. Truly this knitting was blessed for me. Count after each increase row was just what the designer ordered.

Then to top off this rainy day, the hat kit from Norma arrived! woo-hoo.

I've queued it up, but not sure how soon this project will see the light of day.

I leave you with a picture of a birthday flower gifted by my neighbor.

Happy January 4th to one and all!

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Celia said...

OK! Glad you moved. Now I can comment and you can add photos! Lookin' good.