Monday, January 28, 2008

We interrupt your regularly scheduled . . .

Yes, last blog, I was puzzling what pattern to knit for my lace. I finished sock 1 of the Monkey pair. This is a fun pattern to knit.

Enter darling-first-born-son who would like a pr of socks. Yippee! (I didn't even have to twist his arm too much.) He chose from the stash and even helped wind the ball. My attempt at sts/in and circumference yielded a sock that looked too big. Zip into car on dark and stormy night to drive to his house so he can try it on. Yep, too large. So, thinks I, a couple of decreases and we'll take it down. I knit through Masterpiece Theater and then a Sherlock Holmes with Rupert Jones. Look at the sock - terrible. See those bulges on the side under the ribbing? UGLY. ok, into the frog pond. Time to start again.

Then oppsey, phone call this morning from our adorable-second-born-son living in FL. They are moving to CA and could they stay with us until they find a new place. Gasp. The 'guest' room is filled with junk. So my knitting and blogging may be interrupted for a while. But rest assured, I will be thinking of both as often as I can. That's the thing about life - sometimes its orderly and sometimes it feels like yarn in a frog pond.

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