Thursday, January 17, 2008

What ever made you want to knit socks?

Frankly, I have no idea when I decided to knit socks. I got a pair of silly striped SmartWool socks and delighted in the fun of them. (Previous sock wear was plain, thin sock liners.) So it might have been discovering all the wonderful colors of yarn available for socks.

Wool socks are warm and soft and I like the sproingy feel of them in my shoes. One day, I decided I was going to knit my own socks. BIG decision as my knitting had been flat, boring things like scarves and a couple of hats. Since I had already knit a wardrobe of hat/scarf combos it was time to knit something new. So I methodically decided to baby step into the world of knitting socks.

Knit blogs were a source in inspiration. Knitty had great forums on needles. KnittingHelp had wonderful tutorials on some the skills needed.
I decided to knit on 24" circulars and placed an order for Addi Lace needles in US 1, 2, 3. Yep, a pair of each. Now turns out I've only used the #1's for socks, but just in case, I have the larger sizes.

I started with a couple of good books on socks. Sensational Knitted Socks has been my favorite since Charlene Schurch gives instructions for double pointed and circulars. (Many of the patterns are for dpn's. I used dpn's once for a hat and vowed to avoid the porcupine needles.) As a beginner I needed her detailed instructions for how many stitches on each circular. Maybe when I grow up to knit lacey sock patterns I'll be able to translate the design from dpn's to circulars but for now I rely on Sensational Knitted Socks to lead me by the hand.
I decided to knit a pair of Fetching to learn how to knit something circular. I really like these fingerless mits. Great for reading in bed on cold nights.

Although I was anxious to start right in with a real sock, enough had been written about the advantage of knitting a practice sock with larger gauge yarn and needles that I reluctantly knit the sock lesson. Boy am I glad I did. I even knit 2 when my little grandson put on the lone sock and asked where the other one was???

At last I was ready to knit a real sock. I had purchased Mountain Color's Bearfoot yarn to match my scarf and hat combos. Silly I know, but there you are. To get free shipping I just had to bulk up my order to the minimum and so I was able to get a variety of sock yarns. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, each knits up differently. Plus I was experimenting along the way to get the best fit. I'm still working on that, but once I settle on a couple of brands of yarn, I'll have the details and modifications for my socks.

So many sock patterns, but I just like to see the yarn's beauty. The multicolor yarns don't look as good to me in more complex patterns. So at this early sock stage, I'm happy with my plain socks.

Now, for the first time, I'm not sure which yarn to knit next. Should it be this: or this?

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