Saturday, January 12, 2008

You win some, you loose some

Notice anything different about these two socks?
Ok, last night we were invited to celebrate my belated birthday dinner with our #1 son and dil. Luckily 2 1/2 yr old Josh was having fun playing by himself, so I settled in to knit my sock. Just turned the heel and finished the gusset and was ready to blaze away on to the toe. We chatted, I knit. Well this morning I realized that I forgot I had done this sock with a pattern and there I was in stockinette mode. Another moral dilemma? No. I had been wondering if there would be much difference in fit and feel between a sock with pattern and without pattern. Really. I don't plan to wear these socks with any cute shoes, just sturdy running type shoes. Once the shoes are tied, you can't really tell one is different. Ok, so that wasn't a bad 'loose one'.

The 'win one' is knitting with circulars. No ladders. See.

Ladders are a pet peeve of mine and I love using the flexibility of the circular needle to keep my stitches between needles snug. Addi Lace US 1 for these socks.
If you've been reading since January 1st, you may recall that I wanted to only wear my hand knit socks. This is going well except that we have turned off the heat and my socks take a lot longer to dry in the cool house. Ok, on to the next pair of socks.

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