Friday, January 11, 2008

Just like the alligators under my bed

When I was a child I pretended there were alligators under my bed just waiting to get me if I got out of bed in the dark. (no I didn't sleep in a swamp, this was the first photo I found.)

Sometimes I feel the 'wicked knitting goddess of the west' is like that. Lurking just below your rational mind waiting to snap.

Case in point. Back in the olden days I could knit and not watch what I was doing. Yeah it was a sweater with long rows for the sweetie who became my dh. (Thank goodness the myth about jinxing a relationship with a knit gift to the boyfriend didn't exist back in the olden days.)

Ok, jump to modern times: I'm fascinated by the radar feature on Ravelry. And, thinks I. . . I want to knit and monitor these comments as they zoom by. Well, you probably already guessed what was about to happen. Smart you. Dumb me. 'wicked knitting goddess of the west' snuck up and zap. Only thing is . . . I didn't realize she'd struck until about 3 inches later. Which is a goodly portion of a sock length.

Moral Dilemma: to frog or not to frog. So, I put the sock down and decided to think about it. Then I went up to bed for the night (yes, careful to check for imaginary alligators :) just kidding!). This morning I thought, no, I can't live with the mistake. But then, I tried on the sock (is that what its called when you haven't finished?) Ok, I tried on the sock-to-be and the mistake isn't even noticable. woo-hoo I can start the heel flap.

Lesson learned: I'm too old to knit and read radar even if some folks on Ravelry boast that they can. (Hey wait, they didn't claim they had no mistakes. But naive person that I am, I will continue to believe that somewhere someone is knitting perfectly and watching radar at the same time.)

Ok, yeah and the other take away lesson for me. Its not enough to leave a bit of cast on yarn at the start to know when I've completed a round. Now I use a marker closer to the rows being knit.

No, no photos. You think I'm going to show the world my mistake. I can live with it, but I don't need all of you out there saying. 'Oh man, I'd have frogged that!'.

Happy knitting to you and watch out for imaginary alligators and the 'wicked knitting goddess of the west'. Should I have abbreviated her title: wkgotw? Knitting blogs are filled with abbrev's. so why not.

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