Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Olga asked about my dog. Yes, that's the now famous blogger Olga from (A great blog if you haven't already found it!) I'm honored she took a peek at my beginner's blog site.

My avatar friend is Snowy, the fictional sidekick of Tintin. Darling No #1 son and I fell in love with this series of Herge's cartoon books when we saw our first copy at a favorite toy store in Berkeley, CA. Darling son #2 preferred Asterix The Adventures of Asterix a series of French comic books by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo (illustrations).

Anyway, back to Snowy: While visiting Stockholm this summer we happened upon a Tintin store in Gamla Stan. and I picked up this Snowy key chain to be my sidekick. Seems like it wasn't too far from our favorite restaurant Fem Små Hus. M.m.m.m good memories. My first cloudberries. sorry I digress. Again.

Ah yes, we were at the Tintin shop in Sweden. They had so many things I wanted, but with the currency exchange and wanting to travel light on SAS I just opted for the Snowy keychain and this adorable book as keepsakes. Oh, yes, and most of the items were in Swedish of course.

Spielberg has the rights to the characters so a movie may be in the works. I'm not holding my breath.

Ok, back to knitting so I can cast on a swatch of Baby Fern pattern to see if I like it with the next sock yarn.

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