Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Not socks!?

Ok, surprise, I picked up a wip (work in progress) - my EZ Rib Warmer. It has been neglected because I have been unsure when to start the short rows on the front. But, then I decided not to be put off by my concern/fear and just get going on it. (or am I avoiding starting sock #2 in a yarn I'm not thrilled with? hum, this will take some more thought.)

Although the photos don't do justice to the deep Cabernet color, this will have to do until its done.
I love the yarn: Dream in Color's Classy In Veno Veritas. It is so soothing to knit I'm really glad I pulled it out of the bag and started in again.

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Victoria said...

Wow, the color of that yarn is scrumptious and it's knitting up wonderfully!